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Shamari: “Bye bye day 3 love you!!”

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy
- A photograph I took of this magical town from the sea cliffs yesterday morning

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Hey guys, this is my first network and I thought it’d be fun. Not a lot of people know anyone on here, so I figured why not create a network for friendship and help with blog stuff. It’s titled the wang gang because I worship Alexander Wang and we’ll have our little gang of people. Also because allousions helped me get the name (love u Chris)
This banner was made by this blog another special thank you for it!
- You should be following me (it’s against the rules to demand for you to follow me)
- Must reblog this post at least once and you may only like it if you’re saving/bookmarking it.
- Be friendly 
- MUST BE AN ACTIVE BLOGGER (posting everyday and etc.)
- Have your ask box open at all time (enable your ask box, I don’t answer to fanmail)
- Please have a similar blog style
- If you know who Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are we’re cool tbh or any other models too.
- You can make new friends.
- You’ll gain new followers.
- You can ask for promo’s to help you reach your goal etc.
- You’ll have a group of people to vent to or ask for help.
- You can ask any questions, about anything and someone will be there to answer you.
- You’ll have people to discuss hot topics and the latest fashion trends with.
- You’ll also have people with similar music taste to yours , to discuss songs/bands with.
Other/Higher chances:
- I’d prefer if you had some sort of a fashion blog.
- If you’re really friendly and you talk to me, you’ll almost definitely be picked.
- Reblogging this post more than once, will boost your chances.
-  Talking to me, so I can get to know you will boost your chances.
- If you make a post explaining why you’d like to join and tag it with #nudiesriot your chances will be tremendously higher
- Send me a message explaining why i should choose you and why you would want to join (including some information about yourself)
- If we have similar taste in music you are nearly guaranteed a spot (check out my playlist and you can tell me of bands you listen to)
I’ll be choosing the members once this post gets enough notes, and I’ll be choosing from 10-20 members. When I do decide, I’ll send you a lovely message and make a post tagging you. You’ll have to send me your email when you’re chosen and then we’ll all introduce ourselves. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE START REBLOGGING!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~